Vision Christian Academy

Parent-Student Information

Please review our student handbook for detailed information about our school.

Parent/Student Handbook

Your guide to policies and procedures in place at VCA


The following guidelines for parents and students of Vision Christian Academy (VCA) are intended to give understanding of our school’s objectives, policies, and standards. Please note that not all operational policies and procedures are included within this short manual.

The responsibility of reading and understanding the Handbook is that of the student and parent. The complete attention and cooperation to the described policies is expected. Our desire is to develop a positive and fruitful relationship with all school families.

The purpose of Vision Christian Academy is to honor and serve the Lord Jesus Christ by providing an opportunity for godly young people to obtain a quality education in a Christ centered and disciplined environment which is free from worldly behavior, and secular and/or humanist philosophy. It is our objective . . .

• To lead each child to a personal acceptance of Jesus Christ as Savior
• To enrich the child's devotional life in the Bible
• To awaken a realization that God has a purpose and plan for each life
• To develop the ability to find answers from the Scriptures on his own
• To give knowledge, love, and understanding of the Bible
• To instill a sense of responsibility for the lost that will lead to effective witnessing

The Bible tells us, "Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus" Philippians 2:5

Our objective is therefore also . . .

• To impart a command of common knowledge and skills (to educate)
• To discover and develop individual aptitudes (to enhance)
• To cultivate analytical thinking and a priority-directed life (to edify)

"None of us liveth to himself." Romans 14:7

We therefore purpose to instill a loyalty to Jesus Christ in all things and at all times.

The Bible commands, "Present your bodies a living sacrifice...unto God." Romans 12:1

We therefore desire . . .

• To develop a respect for the body as the temple of the Holy Spirit
• To teach intelligent care of the body
• To encourage the yielding of the body as an instrument for God's use.

Luke 2:52 states, “And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.” We endeavor to achieve these areas of growth in each student at VCA.

Admission to Vision Christian Academy is open to any young person who meets the entrance requirements. Vision Christian Academy admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admission policies, athletic, and other school-administered programs. We do, however, understand that Genesis 1:27 teaches us that, “God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” We therefore reject and refuse to accommodate any so-called trans-gender or otherwise unscriptural philosophy or behavior.

Vision Christian Academy does not necessarily endorse all the contents of any textbook or reference book used in the school curriculum, other than the Bible. It is understood that to meet certain academic standards and to provide books of various fields of research and contents, Vision Christian Academy must of necessity have many books of different types. The position of Vision Christian Academy is well understood to be in strict adherence to the doctrines and principles taught in the Holy Scriptures.

Vision Christian Academy is a ministry of Vision Baptist Church. All faculty members are born-again Christians, dedicated to serving the Lord through the ministry of teaching young people. All teachers at Vision Christian Academy are active members of Vision Baptist Church or a local church of like faith, and are required to sign a statement of faith.

You are strongly encouraged to know the email address of your child’s teacher. These will be made available to you. You may call 623-505-5631 from 8 AM until 4 PM or leave a voice mail at other hours. You can also send email to Some teachers may choose to give you their personal telephone number for use in special occasions.


1. Students are admitted on the basis of educational records, character, suitable personality, and ability to adhere to stated behavioral criteria and objectives (as given in this handbook).

2. Students entering K5 should be five years old by September 15th. This policy allows consistency with policies established by the State of Arizona.

3. For new students, the following items are required:
a. Copy of birth certificate
b. Immunization records
c. Transcript of grades from previous school (record release form should be sent to previous school.)

4. The academic programs at VCA are designed for average and above average students. No provisions are available for mentally handicapped children or children with significant behavioral or learning disabilities.

5. The academy reserves the right to deny enrollment to students whose conduct or behavior is not in harmony with this school.


1. We reserve the right to set and maintain standards for student conduct, dress, appearance, and scholarship.

2. We maintain the right to refuse admittance to those who violate standards of conduct as defined by the administration.

3. Students who do not want to be in our school will not be accepted.

4. All students must meet proper age requirements.

5. Students who require being physically restrained at any time, because of an inability to obey verbal instructions, will not be allowed admission to VCA.

6. Enrollment is accepted on a “first come first served” basis. Once a class is full, additional applications for enrollment will be placed on a wait list. Students may enroll for the Fall term beginning in the Spring of each year.

7. Students are admitted on the basis of former school records, and placement tests.

8. Kindergarten students are to be completely weaned from bottles and pacifiers. Potential students should also be completely potty trained. No training pants, pull-ups etc. will be allowed. Frequent accidents will be monitored as a physical problem assessed by a doctor, lack of control (not trained), or stubbornness. Parents will be expected to handle any problems in these areas.

9. VCA is a culturally and racially diverse school, and we are proud of the fact that we seek to accept students of all nationalities. However, students who promote religious doctrines in school which are contrary to those we believe, will be excluded from enrollment.

10. Individuals who have displayed significant academic or disciplinary problems may be placed on probation or asked not to return.


1. Complete and sign registration forms and pay registration fees.

2. New students and parents will meet with the pastor and/or teacher.

3. A records release form needs to be sent to the previous school.

4. An affidavit for enrolling in a private school needs to be submitted to Maricopa County.

5. April is designated for re-enrollment of students for the subsequent school year. Registration forms and fees are due by the end of April.

Students transferring from another school may be required to take an examination before entrance. The results of this test, if issued, will determine the grade level on which the incoming student will be placed.

We ask that, when first considering withdrawal from school, the parent contact a member of the administration before a final decision is reached. After this meeting, notify the school IN WRITING if withdrawal is still intended. Tuition will continue until the withdrawal requirements are completed. This should be taken care of before the first day of the month. Tuition is due for the month of attendance, even if the student attends only one day of the new month.

Dismissal occurs when a student is not performing within the boundaries of proper Christian testimony or academic conduct. Students who are dismissed will not be considered for re-enrollment for a minimum of one full semester. Parents must meet with the administration before re-enrollment will be considered. If parents attempt to re-enroll without meeting with administration, fees may be forfeited.


In order to gain the most from school, each student must be regular in attendance and be on time each day. Parents are strongly encouraged not to take the student out of school for an extended period of time; however, if you must, please notify the teacher well in advance. The school day begins promptly at 8:30 am and concludes at 3:00 pm.

In case of absence, the parent must provide the school a dated note. The note should be provided one week in advance if the student has plans which cause them to miss more than three days. All absent students will be considered un-excused until notification has been received from the parent. The parent’s note must be submitted on or before the day of return.

Excused absences will be granted according to the following general guidelines:

1. Illness
2. Death or serious illness in the immediate family
3. Medical appointments
4. School approved activity
5. Absences approved in advance.

Students who arrive after 10:00 AM or depart before 1:30 PM will be charged a one half day absence.

Any student with more than three un-excused absences in a semester must meet with the administrator.

Please notify the school in advance when medical or other appointments require the absence of the child.

Elementary students who miss more than 40 days in a school year will not be promoted.

The student must be seated in the classroom when school begins (i.e. 8:30 AM) in order to be considered “on time.” Due to the inconvenience and disturbance which late arriving students cause, a penalty for tardiness is imposed. Every FOUR un-excused tardy arrivals will count as a full day absence for attendance recording purposes. Consideration will be given to students who arrive late due to inclement weather, car pools driven by parties other than family members and medical appointments. Students who are habitually tardy may be required to stay out of class until the first break. Missed work caused by un-excused tardiness may not be made up, and will receive the grade of zero.

Character traits are taught to students in the classroom to complement the character training at home. Some of the traits emphasized are attentiveness, obedience, wisdom, thankfulness, honesty, patience, forgiveness, and responsibility. The goal of character training is to produce a disciplined life for the child. Having a disciplined life will cause a child to do right even when he or she does not want to. Developing character traits is essential not only for a child to have a good relationship with his or her parents at home and the teacher at school, but for him to be successful throughout life.

Patriotism is expected from our students. We live in the finest county in the world. We expect our students to respect our country, flag, and military.
All students attending Vision Christian Academy are expected to conduct themselves in a Christian manner and in accordance with the rules and regulations as outlined in this handbook. Parent conferences, suspension, and expulsion are also part of the school disciplinary process. A more thorough explanation of school discipline policies may be obtained by contacting the Administrator.

Discipline System
Vision Christian Academy uses the “How I Act” method of Discipline. Kindergarten, and Grades 1-2 will give “Baskets” for negative behavior. Grades 3-12 will use “Demerits.” The number of “baskets/demerits” for each offense is shown in parentheses.


Demerit Name Description
H – Hullabaloo (1)
Loud and boisterous, disturbance, rowdiness
O – Out of Order (1)
Irresponsible, missing supplies/folders/books, dress code violation, poor social behavior, messiness, unnecessary noise, not paying attention, out of seat without permission, turning around in seat, throwing things/littering, gum chewing/ eating at inappropriate time or place, out of line.
W – Work Not In (1)
Homework, class work and projects not completed or turned in on time.
Failure to turn in assignments will also result in a grade of zero (1-12th)
I – Intentional Disobedience (4)
Dishonesty, defiance, disrespect, lying, fighting, cheating, or any serious offense, misbehaving in chapel.
A – Attitude Lacking (2) Rolling eyes, poor countenance, improper response, no response when one is expected or asked for, defiant action, sneering, haughty spirit, worldly conversation, gossip, backbiting.
C – Courtesy Lacking (2) Interrupting, talking out of turn, putting others down, ”name calling”, bullying, rudeness, improper speech, inconsiderate behavior, lack of manners .
T – Talking (1) Talking without permission

Demerit Accumulation
Demerits are cumulative yearly. Students who earn 25 demerits in a semester or 50 demerits during the course of the school year will be strongly considered for dismissal.

The teacher will verbally inform the student that they have earned a demerit, and a note will be sent home to the parents.

The Intentional Disobedience demerit has the weight of four demerits.

Students must show respect for the teacher's authority at all times. Arguing about the earning of a demerit, by students or parents, is unacceptable. Students who show an argumentative attitude will immediately be issued an Attitude Lacking demerit. Students who have an honest question regarding a demerit should approach the issuing teacher privately, in a respectful manner.


1. Students will show respect toward all adults by using such expressions as “please; thank you; yes, sir; no, sir; etc.” Slang is an indication of disrespect and will not be tolerated.

2. Teachers should be referred to by title, as “Mr. _____,” “Mrs. ____,” or “Miss _____.”

3. Students will also show respect of their fellow students by refraining from hitting, kicking, biting, or otherwise taunting them. Badgering, ridiculing, and otherwise abusing fellow students will not be allowed.

4. Students will show respect toward school property by not mutilating, defacing, or otherwise harming the building and its contents, including textbooks.

5. Students are not to run or talk in the hallways.

6. Any reference, verbally or otherwise, to shooting, guns, stabbing, knives, beating, bullying, hitting, etc. by either a student or a parent will be swiftly and carefully dealt with.

7. Students are to be in their seat, and remain in their seat, when school begins. Do not leave your seat without permission.

8. Eyes are to be to the front of the classroom.

9. Gum chewing is not allowed on school property at any time.

10. Except for school-sponsored and directed activities (i.e. sports), no throwing of anything, e.g. rocks, mulch, papers, pencils, etc.

11. Students are responsible to pay for any damages done to school property.

12. Maintain an attitude of reverence during devotions, prayer, Bible class, or Chapel.

13. Walk and talk softly. Keep your hands to yourself.

14. Pencils are sharpened before class.

15. Students are not to be alone with members of the opposite sex in any part of the school or church.

16. Always treat teachers and other students with respect. Mimicking, mocking, laughing at mistakes of others, unsportsmanlike conduct, sassing, writing, passing and reading notes, whispering during a lesson, studying another subject without permission, doodling, etc., may all be interpreted as being disrespectful.

17. Boys are not to wear items that may be considered feminine, such as: necklaces, bracelets, earring, etc.

18. Girl’s make-up must be modest and never worn in excess. Girls are not allowed to wear make-up until 9th grade. Teacher discretion concerning modest make-up is final.

19. The following list is not all inclusive, but these items are not permitted at school:

• Portable radios, CD players, MP3 players, tape players, etc.
• CD’s, DVD’s, tapes, headphones, etc.
• Cell Phones which are powered on. Note: these may be used to call home on trips, including games, but not during the course of the school day.
• Knives or razors of any kind
• Playing cards
• Comic books/magazines of any description
• Paperback books – unless approved by the teacher for classroom use
• Toys/stuffed animals – unless requested by the teacher for Show & Tell
• Pacifiers and/or bottles
• Electronic games

All students are to maintain a Christ-like attitude at all times (in and out of school). Constant or repeated complaining, griping, or sullenness will not be tolerated. Making light of the Bible classes, chapel programs, or guest speakers will be considered rebellion. No student will be permitted to ridicule or mock school rules or personnel. If improper attitudes persist after parents have been contacted, probation, suspension, and expulsion may result.

The use of foul language, either in jest, anger, or absentmindedly, will be dealt with on the first offense recognizing the age of the student, VCA personnel will maintain discretion in this area.


1. The teacher will confront the student about their misbehavior.

2. The teachers will confront the student, and notify the parent.

3. Should the student’s misbehavior continue, a conference will be called by the teacher between the student, parent and the teacher. Meaningful activities related to the wrongdoing will be assigned. Upon completion of the assigned activity it must be signed by the parent and returned to the teacher.

4. Should the misbehavior continue, a conference will be called by the Administrator between the student, parent, and teacher. Specific punishment will be recommended to the parent.

5. The final step in discipline when misbehavior has NOT changed is expulsion of the student. The administration of Vision Christian Academy reserves the right to discipline or expel any student who, in the opinion of the administration, does not fit into the spirit of the school, regardless of whether or not he conforms to the specific rules and regulations of the school.

Suspension Offenses
The severity of the offense will determine the number of days suspension or possible consideration for expulsion. Reasons for suspension include but are not limited to fighting, profanity, hate speech, stealing, destruction of property and other aggressive behavior.

Expulsion Offenses
A student may be expelled from Vision Christian Academy at any time when his or her actions or attitudes are, in the school’s opinion, disruptive to the school atmosphere or are in direct and repeated disobedience to school regulation. Expulsion is at the discretion of the administration, but in most instances is made necessary by a repeated violation of school policy. Any student that is expelled may not return to Vision Christian Academy as a student for at least one entire semester

In order to retain the privilege of attending a Christian school, students MUST demonstrate a Christian testimony on and off campus. Any immorality, foul language, illegal acts, drinking or smoking, attending ungodly activities, and other openly ungodly behavior will result in the unconditional revocation of the privilege of attending Vision Christian Academy.

VCA practices a zero tolerance policy towards certain types of behavior. Students committing these types of behavior will be expelled without recourse. VCA will not allow any student to continue to be enrolled after having been found guilty of consuming alcoholic beverages, possession or consumption of illegal or controlled substances, or participation in criminal acts such as theft or burglary.

The goal of Vision Christian Academy is to provide the best possible learning environment in a Christian atmosphere. A sense of the need for spiritual growth in the light of Biblical principles has lead VCA to adopt standards of conduct and appearance which are believed to be conducive to the environment that will best promote the spiritual welfare of the students.

All students are to be neatly and appropriately dressed in school uniforms during school hours and for all Academy sponsored after school activities. Parents and guests of students are requested to dress modestly while on school property and while attending Academy functions.

Students violating the uniform dress code may, at the discretion of the administration, be asked to leave campus until their appearance meets Academy standards.

The school administration reserves the right to initiate policies on new fads and changes in lifestyle throughout the school year.

VCA dress standards are as follows, and abiding by them is necessary in order to remain a student at Vision Christian Academy.


GIRLS are expected to maintain a standard of modesty in all clothing. Skirts and jumpers need to be knee length.

• Khaki or navy blue skirts, polo dresses, or jumpers. For modesty reasons, girls in Kindergarten and Grades 1 to 6 should wear knit shorts underneath their skirts or jumpers.
• Any solid color polo shirt.
• In cooler weather, solid color turtlenecks (under a polo shirt), sweaters or long sleeved polo shirts are permitted.
• Athletic shoes with socks are worn in Grades K thru 4. Dress shoes are worn for Grades 5 and up, with a pair of athletic shoes available for PE or recess.
• Leggings, if worn, must be full length and cover the entire leg.


BOYS must maintain a haircut that includes a neat trim, tapered on the sides and back. Hair should not touch the ears, eyebrows or collar. Trendy cuts with worldly associations such as shaved portions of the head, completely shaved head, lines or designs, extra long hair in the back, bowl or wedge style cuts will not be permitted.

Bleached or unnatural hair colors are not permitted.

Boys may not wear neck jewelry or earrings at anytime while on campus or at off-campus school sponsored events.

• Khaki or navy blue long pants with belt & belt loops for Grades 3 and up.
• Knee length shorts may be worn by those in Kindergarten and Grades 1 and 2 with or without a belt.
• Any solid color polo shirt, tucked in.
• In cooler weather, solid color turtlenecks (under a polo shirt), sweaters, nice lightweight un-hooded jackets, or long sleeved polo shirts are permitted.
• Athletic shoes with socks are worn in Grades K3 thru Grade 2. Dress shoes are worn for Grades 3 and up, with a pair of athletic shoes available for PE or recess.
• Cargo style pants are not permitted.

Students may not wear flip-flop type shoes in the interest of safety and personal hygiene. Hats, caps, head scarves, sweat shirts and coats are not to be worn in the classroom, and may not be worn at anytime in any campus building. They are permitted at recess time only. Sweaters may be worn in the classroom when needed.

Dress code decisions made by the teacher, school staff, or pastor are final.

Chapel is a vital part of the student’s life at Vision Christian Academy and good conduct during chapel programs is of utmost importance. All chapels are normally held on Tuesday. Parents are encouraged to attend.

Field trips are considered part of the curriculum of the school and, because they contribute directly to the teaching of the child, each child is required to participate. A student who does not attend will be marked absent.

The school uniform is to be worn on all school trips. Any change to wearing the school uniform will be announced in advance.

The school requires parents to follow the same standard of dress and conduct as is required of the students (of course – no smoking). Ladies are asked to wear modest dresses or skirts that reach below the knee. Men are asked to wear a shirt and long dress pants.

Parents not willing to follow VCA dress standards should not volunteer to serve as chaperons.

Field trips are a privileged extension of the classroom. All rules and standards are in effect.
No siblings may attend field trips unless they are part of the class, or the specific field trip is opened up to siblings.

VCA is a Christian School. Its students are supposed to act as Christians as well. Its standards come from the Bible, and should exceed those established by men. These precepts are particularly applicable in regard to how we treat each other.

Bullying, harassment, and intimidation will not be tolerated. This includes all written, verbal, or physical acts which harm an individual, damage an individual’s property, substantially interfere with an individual’s ability to learn and be educated, or place an individual in reasonable fear of harm to their person or property.

This applies to behavior on church or school property, or off the property in the course of activities such as field trips and athletic events. It applies to electronic communications, also.

VCA absolutely prohibits bullying, harassment, and intimidation. Eph 4:32 says, “be ye kind one to another.” The command to love one another (Jn 13:34, Jn 15:12, Ro 12:10, I Thess 3:12, I Thess 4:9, I Jn 3:11, etc.) is preached, taught, and expected at VCA. Failure to abide by the Scriptural Commandment will be taken just as seriously as cheating, stealing, or taking God’s name in vain.


Vision Christian Academy is a private, not-for-profit corporation. We endeavor to keep tuition rates as reasonably low as possible. Prompt and complete payment of tuition and fees is vital to our ability to continue to operate, and to keep prices down.


1. Yearly tuition amount is divided into ten equal payments, and is paid for the entire month regardless of the number of days actually attended.

2. Payments begin in August and end in May. Only June and July have no payments due (unless a balance is owed).

3. A full month’s tuition will be charged if a student enters a classroom for one or more days during that month.

4. Tuition payments are due by the 1st day of the month, beginning August 1st .

5. Payments which are five or more days late may incur a non-refundable $25 late charge.

6. Financial transactions should take place at the school only, and monies sent to school should be in a sealed envelope with the child’s name, amount, purpose, and teacher’s name written thereon.

7. If a student is withdrawn or dismissed, the parent must contact the school to clear the financial record before the student’s records can be released.

8. Report cards will not be issued to students with past due accounts.

9. Students with accounts 30 days in arrears will be denied classroom admission. Please do not require us to enforce this policy. Students left at the school door in such instances will be denied access to the classroom until picked up by the parents.

10. There is a re-admission fee of $100.00 for students who are suspended for nonpayment of tuition.

11. Students will not be allowed to enroll for the coming school year until accounts are current.

12. Post dated checks cannot be accepted.

13. Monthly payments and all fees (including registration fees) are non-refundable.

14. A charge is made to your account for an “Insufficient Funds” (NSF) check, and the account may be placed on a CASH BASIS ONLY for any further money transactions after two checks have been returned.

15. If you pay in cash, please be aware that cash can be lost. Checks are preferred.

As a school, we realize that we are only an outreach of the home and the parents. You, as parents, have the God-given responsibility to raise your child(ren) “in the nurture and admonition of the Lord”. To this end you expect the teachers to do their part in the molding of your child’s life, and we accept this great responsibility. But we, as teachers, also expect you, as parents, to help your child in the home environment in order that your child can do his best work in school.

We must work as a team, hand-in-hand in the light of God’s Word, in order that Proverbs 22:6 (“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it”) might be realized.

The responsibility of the parents is found in the following Scriptures. Please study them carefully from God’s Word.

Ephesians 6:4 “And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.”

Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Deuteronomy 6:7 “And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.”

Deuteronomy 31:13 “And that their children, which have not known any thing, may hear, and learn to fear the Lord your God, as long as ye live in the land wither ye go over Jordan to possess it.”

I Timothy 3:4 “One that ruleth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity;”

Proverbs 29:15 “The rod and reproof give wisdom: but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame.”

Proverbs 28:7 “Whoso keepeth the law is a wise son: but he that is a companion of riotous men shameth his father.”

Psalms 1:1 “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.”

Proverbs 19:27 “Cease, my son, to hear the instruction that causeth to err from the words of knowledge.”

Matthew 19:14 “But Jesus said, suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”

The home is the primary agency responsible for the education of children. The school, as an extension of your home, is designed to assist you in the training of your child, but the school cannot nearly do it all. Your child needs daily instruction at home in a manner that is consistent with the teaching of the Bible. They need to be taught to read the Bible and pray every day. They need to see parents who do likewise.

Christian Education will not be accomplished only on Sundays or during school. Your child can receive a truly Christian Education only if the home, church, and school work together.

Most of all, if you teach your child that you do not respect and honor the authority of the teacher and school staff, you will do your child a great dis-service by teaching them that rejecting authority is an acceptable way to behave. Please do not do this. If you have a disagreement with the school, teacher, etc., please bring it to the attention of the proper individual(s) without venting your frustration or disagreement directly before your child(ren).

Parent/Teacher Orientation for all school families is scheduled prior to the opening day of school for parents and children to meet his/her teacher in the classroom. This event is planned to start the parent/teacher/student communication channels flowing. Your child’s first day of school will go more smoothly by “breaking the ice” at the Parent/Teacher Orientation in August.

Parent conference with teachers are encouraged and may be scheduled at any time during the school year. We do ask that the parents contact the school and leave a message or write for a conference with the teacher before coming. The teacher will then contact the parents to make an appointment.

Students are required to have a composition notebook. Homework, when required, will be recorded in the notebook for the parents review and initials. Additionally, this notebook will be used by the teacher to communicate with parents on a daily basis. Parents should review the composition book daily and initial each entry. Notes to your child's teacher may be recorded in this notebook. This is a primary means of communication between teacher and parent, and should be carefully monitored.

The teacher would like to visit your home during the first part of the school year. This is intended to provide an opportunity to become better acquainted, in a relaxed atmosphere, and to discuss your child’s progress, The teacher will contact the parents to arrange a convenient time to visit. No unannounced visits will be made.

Report cards will be sent home each nine weeks. Report cards are to be signed and returned the following week.

The honor roll is reserved for those students whose academic achievement merits recognition. The honor roll is divided into "A" Honor Roll and "B" Honor Roll. "A" Honor Roll is for students who have all "A's". "B" Honor Roll is for students with no grade lower than a "B". These will be awarded for each quarter in chapel.

Students in VCA will normally have homework. We believe it is an integral part of the school program which will aid students in advancing their studies. Students are expected to complete the assigned homework. Parents are expected to monitor their child's homework activity.

Students are required to record all of their homework assignments daily in a composition book. Teachers will review these composition books for compliance. Homework is given for several purposes:

• For Drill – to master material essential to the educational process.
• For Remedial Activity – to strengthen various academic weaknesses.
• For Projects – to expand the academic experience with book reports and special research assignments.

We do request the parents' full cooperation in seeing that the assignments are completed. A Homework Offense Slip will be sent home for homework not completed on time. Elementary students' homework is due at 8:30 am.

Three homework offence slips, when issued, will equal a one hour detention after school. Five such detentions will equal a one day in-school suspension.

The purpose of homework is to strengthen classroom-taught subjects by practice and drill. Generally, homework is assigned every night except on Wednesday, which is a church night.
Parents are asked to see that students use a composition notebook to record homework assignments. Failure to do homework will affect not only the grade, but most importantly, the academic achievement of the student.

A student who must leave early is asked to BRING A NOTE OF EXPLANATION TO THE CLASSROOM IN THE MORNING. Normal pick-up time is 3:00 PM. Please do not attempt to take your children out of the classroom prior to this time.

It is absolutely essential that the contact information provided to VCA be up to date at all times, including parent’s address, work phone number, and cell phone number (if any). Please stop by the school to update your information as soon as any changes occur. If we experience difficulty contacting you too often, your child may be dis-enrolled.

For complaints of severe headache, vomiting, diarrhea, or fever of 100 degrees or more, students will be removed from the classroom and the parent called to take the child home – not return to school for 24 hours. Parents should not send children to school who have a fever, or who have not sufficiently recovered from an illness. Students with contagious diseases (or conditions) will not be permitted to attend school until the disease (or condition) is no longer contagious. Children need to be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to school. Students will be taken outside for recess unless they have a written note from home, or become sick at school.

Please understand that the continued presence of a child who is ill will subject other children to illness. Ill children will not be permitted access to the classroom and frequent failure to pick them up in a timely manner, when they are ill, will jeopardize their enrollment.

VCA reserves the right to make all final decisions necessary to enforce its communicable disease policy and to take all necessary action to control the spread of communicable diseases within the school.

One of the child’s parents or legal guardians must be available by phone at all times when the child is in school. This is necessary for the protection of the child in the event that the child is injured, ill, or in need of intervention by parents in the case of disobedience. If parents are repeatedly unavailable when VCA tries to contact them during school hours, the student will be subject to dismissal from the school. If you know you cannot be contacted during the day, please make arrangements with the school.

Illness Guidelines
Childhood Diseases: May Return When:
Chicken Pox & Hand foot and mouth After all lesions are crusted
Diarrhea When stool is firm
Fevers Must be fever free 24 hours
Lice After medicated shampoo and cleared by a school staff member upon return
Impetigo After all lesions are crusted
Pinkeye (conjunctivitis) On medication 24 hours and without redness or discharge.
Pinworm After two doses of medication
Rashes (unknown origin) When rash has disappeared
Ringworm After medication for 24 hours/then area covered at school until gone. Please present a doctors note when returning to school.
Scabies 24 hours after treatment and with written permission from physician
Strep throat After medication for 24 hours
Vomiting When vomiting is a sign of illness please wait 24 hours from last episode to return student to school.

If medicine is required to reduce a fever in the morning, please keep your student home from school.

What should I, as a parent, do if there is a problem in my child’s classroom?

First: See the teacher before or after school hours.
Second: See the teacher again before or after school hours.
Third: Contact the Administrator
Fourth: Contact the Pastor

Parents should not be in the classroom during the school day 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM.

Be sure to allow ample time for the problem to be resolved before contacting the administrator. Remember, the teacher is as close as your computer or telephone. Please call the teacher for an appointment. Most of the problems that arise can be resolved by keeping the channels of communication flowing with your child’s teacher. With everyone following this procedure, any problem will be properly addressed and promptly handled. Parents may not mingle outside the classroom during the school day.

A parent is never to initiate contact with another student, other than their own, in an attempt to resolve a problem. Just as you would not want other parents interacting with your child without your knowledge, you should show courtesy by not contacting other parent’s children without their permission. If you desire to resolve a problem between your child and another student, you must always talk to the teacher or administrator and allow them to intervene with the other child on your behalf. VCA will not tolerate parents who directly contact a student other than their own in an attempt to resolve or investigate a problem.



Students must bring their own lunches. Limited microwave usage is available. Lunch boxes will be kept in the classroom. Parents should exercise discretion in lunch box selection, making sure the box does not portray a picture which is offensive to Christians, for example, picture of rock groups (Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, etc.) and characters (Famly Guy, etc.)

Parents of Kindergarten students should have their child practice opening their lunch box and thermos at home. Lunch tip: Place thermos in freezer to chill. Remove and send it to school with your child and it will be nice and cold at lunch time. Use discretion in making lunches during hot weather. We do not have refrigeration available for temporary storage of school lunches.


A. Please avoid sugary items in lunches. These items will affect student’s behavior.
B. Learn more about what constitutes a well-balanced meal. Various books are available on this topic.

3. All students are required to have a filled, sturdy and sealable water bottle at school which is available to them throughout the day.




I – Incomplete
E - Excellent
S – Satisfactory
U – Unsatisfactory

Kindergarten-5 children may receive reading homework during the week. Those individuals needing additional practice will receive homework at the discretion of the teacher.


94-100 A - Excellent
A+ = 99-100 A = 96-98 A- = 94-95
85-93 B - Above Average
B+ = 91-93 B = 88-90 B- = 85-87
77-84 C - Average
C+ = 83-84 C = 80-82 C- = 77-79
70-76 D - Below Average
D+ = 76-77 D = 73-75 D- = 70-72
0 - 69 F - Failure

Students earning yearly averages of “F” in Bible, Reading or Math, or F's in any two academic subjects, or D's in any four academic subjects will not be promoted. Exceptions may be made when students make up these classes during Summer months.


1. Be sure the student is provided with a quiet, secluded study place. Check ventilation, lighting, heat, etc.

2. If a child is taking too long to complete their homework, please contact the teacher.

3. Keep distraction of any sort to a minimum.

4. The hours reserved for study should be planned, written out, and held to rigidly.

5. Parents will need to check from time to time see how much and what kind of work is being done. Showing this interest can be a help and encouragement in itself. Make certain, however, that the child is working independently.

6. Be sure all necessary tools and material for work are available, including paper, pen or pencil, rulers, books, compasses, protractors, crayons, and other helps. Not having supplies is not an acceptable reason for incomplete homework.

7. Plan for regular 5-minute breaks in the study time to do something stimulating every 30 to 60 minutes.

8. Emphasize learning and appreciation, not marks or grades. Reading and studying are as important as written assignments.



1. No solicitation or sales will be permitted on the school premises.

2. No smoking on school grounds or school activities, such as field trips, etc.

3. Help keep classrooms, halls, and sidewalks neat. You are responsible to pick up trash whether you put it there or not. Keep hands and feet off the walls.

4. School personnel will administer prescription medication ONLY when the medication is provided by the parent/guardian and the student’s name, dosage, etc. are specified on the container. Written instructions must be given to the school personnel and they must be identical to the medical instructions. This medicine should be kept by the teacher. Prescription medicine must be in its original prescription container.

Non-prescribed medication, e.g., cough syrup, cough drops, etc., will be provided only upon written instruction from the parent and will not exceed dosage specified on the label.

All school buildings are provided by the Vision Baptist Church, but they belong to the Lord. The buildings, equipment, and school property came from the sacrificial gifts and labors of God’s people. If each one takes pride in keeping them looking neat and clean, it will be an encouragement to the many people who are giving sacrificially to provide us with this fine building and grounds. The following rules would be observed in order to keep God’s building in good condition:

1. Put all trash in cans – not on the lawn, floor, or playground. Pick up any trash you see.
2. Protect the shrubbery and lawn.
3. Help keep the property in good repair by never defacing or harming it. Please report anything that is broken, damaged, or lost.
4. Keep the lunch area clean. Do not drop food on the floor, no food or drinks in the hallway at any time, and do not leave any food on the tables.
5. Open and close all doors properly.
6. Parents of all students who maliciously destroy property will be required to pay any damages.
7. Turn lights off when not needed.

While VCA makes every attempt to prevent theft, it is our strongest recommendation that students refrain from bringing expensive items, large sums of cash, or other valuables to school in order to avoid having them stolen. VCA will not be responsible for lost or stolen items of any value. Further, it is quite difficult to recover stolen items and takes away from valuable educational time. Please do not allow your student to bring expensive jewelry, handbags, or other items to school which could be a temptation for a thief.

There will be a five dollar ($5.00) charge for additional original report cards and certificates.

For those using the Dependent Care Provider’s Identification and Certification (Form W-10) when filing their Income Tax Return, Vision Christian Academy is a tax exempt organization. Therefore, as specified on Form W-10, the supplying of our Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) is not required.

This handbook is published annually. VCA reserves the right to make changes, amendments, and corrections to school policies at any time throughout the year.

Please understand that the church and school are a not-for-profit organization with limited assets, which are dedicated to God and the service of people. Any successful attempt to obtain a court ordered monetary award for damages would merely result in limiting or preventing the school from continuing to serve God.

When anyone initiates a legal challenge against our school, they are standing up against God’s establishment. Monies awarded in such cases only injure those we serve. Should we violate the law for a reason other than the Bible’s specific commands, we gladly accept accountability as a good citizen should. However, it is our scriptural position that Christians should not take other Christians to court for civil matters (I Cor 6:1-7). If you are tempted to do so, for any reason, please talk to us first and seek a scriptural resolution.

Should a legal challenge in civil court be successful (or even if they are not) they take resources away from those whom we desire to serve (other students, and their parents). As such, we cannot and will not ignore comments which insinuate, threaten, or directly promise civil litigation.

Threats of litigation will be treated seriously and may result in immediate dis-enrollment and termination of any further communication with the parent, student, and/or litigant by school staff, faculty, and administration, along with initiation of action recommended by our own legal council and/or insurance company and its attorneys.

Finally, on behalf of our staff, faculty, and pastor, we thank you for the privilege of serving you and your child(ren). We pray that our God will have His good hand upon us, and upon you. We promise that we will not treat your trust in us as a light thing. We anticipate results that will bring glory to God for all eternity, and expect that your decision to give your child a Christian education will be one of the most valuable decisions you will ever make.


I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America,
and to the republic for which it stands,
one nation under God, indivisible,
with liberty and justice for all.


I pledge allegiance to the Christian flag,
and to the Saviour for whose kingdom it stands,
One Saviour, crucified, risen, and coming again,
with life and liberty for all who believe.


I pledge allegiance to the Bible, God’s Holy Word.
I will make it a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.
I will hide it’s words in my heart, that I might not sin against God.